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Elements | Characters

  • Races

    Choose from five available Races, each with their own special abilities and unique appearance which you can customize.

  • Attributes

    Modify any of your six Attributes, such as Strength, Endurance, Reflexes, Intellect, Will and Charisma. All Skills are based on the average of two Attributes, plus however many XP you have devoted to that particular Skill. The Skills have been balanced so that each combination of Attributes has roughly the same number of Skills.

  • Abilities

    Race selection will often come with special Abilities that will modify gameplay. For example, Natural Aptitude doubles the Skill increment for each XP expended.

  • Skills

    Choose from among forty Skills with no limit on the number you can learn. Skill categories include Academic, Artisan, Engineering, Physical and Social. Skills may also advance through the seven levels of complexity as your techological capabilities increase, from the lowest level of Primitive all the way to Advanced. Almost all the action in the game is Skill-based. All characters begin with one Skill from each category to assist them at the start of the game.

  • Followers

    Acquire a wide array of NPC Followers, such as henchman, mercenaries, a steed or even a pet. You can name these NPCs, convey Skills you know, breed the Animals for particular Traits, train them with various Animal Skills which they can use or Skill-Assist training like Hunting that you can use to increase your attempts in that Skill.

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